About us

Welcome pet parents, I’m Lena, and I’ve worked with many types of animals since the 1970’s. My hands-on experience includes: training horses and becoming certified by the British Horse Society in 1985; rescuing and rehabilitating feral cats; becoming a certified Cat Behaviorist & Trainer; training and socializing both dogs and cats; competing in pet shows. These diverse experiences have provided me with a well-rounded library of knowledge that is both learned and intuitive.

I have developed a unique and insightful approach to animal behaviour, especially cats who do not fit into typical models and need to be viewed more individualistically. Yes, your furbaby is indeed special.

I am here to help pet owners and their furry loves live healthy and harmonious lives by sharing the knowledge I’ve accrued from schooling and, more important, first-hand experience with my own cats, dogs and horses. In my blog, I address some of the common questions pet parents like you have every day.

Remember, you are not alone, and if I don’t have the answers you need, we can find them…together.

I created this store to reciprocate my love for these animals and for you to show support to your fur babies!